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Thank You's

The English River Miners would like to Thank the following groups of people that have been involved this year with the Miners. (These are in NO order) 

Fans: What can we say. You have ALL been amazing. You have followed this team YOUR team to every venue in this league. If you couldn't make the game you have watched on FastHockey. Speaking of FastHockey we were often the most watched team. We would watch as our Miners were out of town and we would have 30+ viewers for that game. We would switch over to another game that night and we would see approx 15+ viewers. That shows the pride that you have with this team. We have been 1 of the teams with the most fans in the stands on a regular basis. The Fans have been LOUD and PROUD!!! Everything we do is for you the fans of both Ear Falls and Red Lake. Most of the Red Lake people have traveled down the 105 to watch some exciting hockey day in and day out. Thank You. We have seen people that never liked hockey become fans because of what these great young men have done both on and off the ice. We look forward to next year and hope you join us in Sept. 

Player Families: Thank You for allowing your Family member to come and play for the English River Miners. You have allowed them to move away from home and come to our communities to play such an amazing sport. You put the trust in us to make sure they stayed healthy and safe. We also would like to thank you for all of your support. 

Billet Families: Thank You for taking in these young men. You have opened not only your homes but your hearts to these young men. You have fed them, put up with the early hours of them coming home after a long trip back on the bus after games, having movie nights etc. You have all helped out more then you know. We want to Thank You and look forward to next year. 

Volunteers: Each of you have helped this organization grow and be the success it has been. Most of you had school or jobs you worked at all day then joined us and helped make us a success. You all are amazing. 

Players: Thank You for taking the time and joining a brand new team and help make this organization a success ON and OFF the ice. You have left your Families to come join us here in NW Ontario and for that we Thank You. For the players that are aged out we wish you the best in the future. You are some great young men and it was a pleasure knowing you guys. For the returning players keep up the great work in the off season and keep working during the off season so we can come back Bigger and Stronger. ALL of you should keep your heads up. We have accomplished something that many said would never happen or that we could. We proved them all wrong. 

Sponsors: Thank You for believing in this team. We know it seemed crazy when we came to you asking for sponsorship dollars and stated we were going to put a Junior A Hockey club in to start playing in Sept. You however believed in us enough to put out the money and help us get started. We look forward to continuing the partnership going into next year. 

SIJHL / SIJHL Franchises: Thank You for allowing a team from Red Lake/ Ear Falls to join the league. We have had some great battles on the ice. You have welcomed us into your arenas and communities. You have also welcomed our great and loyal fans that have followed the team to every venue in this league. Thank You SIJHL for the hard work you do with the website and logistics end of things. We look forward to working with you guys next season. 

Township of Ear Falls: Thank You for opening up the Arena to the English River Miners. You have allowed us to repaint the Arena in Black and Yellow (Man does it ever look great). You have allowed us to make some renovations to help out not only the Miners but other user groups of the Arena. Your staff has been amazing at games and all the hard work they put in on games days to get the Ice ready and make sure the Arena is clean and ready for the many great fans. We look forward to our partnership in the future. 

Coaching Staff: Thank You guys for doing everything you do all the long hard hours you put in. Practice, Games, Road Trips, recruiting players etc. Your work doesn't go unnoticed. You have taken a great group of young men and made something of this team. Nobody thought we would be where we were in the standings and 2nd round of the playoffs however you believed in this group of "misfits" and made something of them. We look forward to next year. 

Board Members: Thank You for believing in this team. Most of you have been on board since the idea of putting this franchise together. We have had a lot of challenges with putting a team together in such a short amount of time. Was it easy? Not at all however it was well worth it with all the hard work. Getting Sponsors, putting together a website and social media network, Financial, Logistics, Fundraisers and other great events to help promote and get this team seen by both our great communities. We look forward to next year.

Join us Next Year as we continue our success in year 2. 


Official Game Used Crest along with Team Signatures. $175 email EnglishRiverMiners@live.com if you would like to order 1.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices: Adult      $10 (allows 1 child 12- free) 

                    Child 13+ $10 

                    Child 12 - $ 5

Season Tickets $195 (Special seating, Draws, Giveaways, Allows you to bring 1 child 12 - Free) 

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